How to Play(video)

Listen to the short video explaining, how to play loop the loop

What do I do ?

The goal of the puzzle is to solve according to the rules. A typical problem and a solution are given below

Problem Solution

What are the rules?

  • There can only be a single loop
  • Two loops

  • The puzzle cannot have loose or hanging ends
  • Hanging or loose ends

  • Lines cannot intersect
  • Intersecting lines

How to Play?

Play Logically. Start with the 3 near 0. Easy puzzles usually have a 3 near 0. Since 0 cannot have any lines around it, double click to delete them.

Next play the 3 that is adjacent to 3

Extend the lines to solve the puzzle as below. As you solve more puzzles you will start making out patterns which will help in solving harder puzzles